Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tea Time in Palo Alto

At Tea Time in Palo Alto the regulars get to keep their mug of choice in a cabinet that has a slot with their name on it! Who could resist this personalized service?
If the weather is nice grab a table outdoors, plus if you're not sure which leaves to pick for your tea pot, they usually have a sample available outside that might tempt your tastebuds.

We took the time to adventure down on Caltrain to check out this little tea shop since we want to give readers a wider scope on Bay Area Afternoon tea spots. Tea Time is just a hop, skip and jump from the station even if you aren't big on walking. Plus you can reward yourself with lovely treats and delightful tea before a little bit of window shopping and venturing back to the train. Of course there is plenty of parking if you prefer to drive...

If the weather is chilly your tea pot may want to stay cozy, but if you feel the heat yourself feel free to ask for a glass of ice and cool down. We did both while we deliberated our food order. Angela chose Strawberry Cream Rooibis and J. K. picked out Japanese Cherry a green tea. 

Cozy little pots

But we were ready to feel the chill!
Lovely cheese and fruit plate
We were quite peckish after all the travel, so we started with the cheese platter (it comes with a pot of tea as well). Lovely honey and several options to pair with the cheese came out on the plate. Tea Time also chose the High Tea for One (with added side salad) that comes with your choice of 2 sandwiches plus desserts/scone and a pot of tea.

Turkey Left, salmon right

After we cooled off and had our nosh we people watched for a little while. Once we felt refreshed and ready to wander it was time to step out onto the wide sidewalks of Palo Alto and explore before our train ride home. If you're in the area and looking for a spot of tea, check out Tea Time. You might even become a regular and get to keep your personal teacup on the shelf.