Monday, December 9, 2013

Gourmet Carousel

After the San Francisco Writers Conference Writing for Change conference, Board member Harvey Pawl again treated the volunteers to a Chinese banquet, this time at Gourmet Carousel on the corner of Pine Street and Franklin. This was another amazing meal, this time starting with soup.
The table was set with a turntable, so we didn't have to
practice our boarding house reach!
 Our first course was the House Soup–pork broth with winter melon.

The soup was followed by a Green onion pancake. Perfectly crispy. I unwisely ate two pieces, because it was so good. I really should have left room for more of the following delicacies, but I just couldn't resist this pancake.
Next we had Mu Shu Vegetables with plum sauce for the vegetarian contingent. It was a side for the carnivores. I usually skip the wrappers with Mu Shu. I don't like to fill up on carbs, and it's so much easier to eat the veggies with my chopsticks.
The veggies were followed by Honey Walnut Prawns. These are a great favorite with Beth and me, and again, I ate too many, considering what followed.
I did skip the Steamed Rice. Hardly necessary, but traditional. No goop in any of these dishes!
The Mixed Seafood in fried noodle nests was amazing. I even ate some of the nest.
Another vegetable dish. Pea sprouts with whole garlic cloves. My favorite Chinese veggies!
And then Ginger Scallion Chicken. Chicken isn't usually on my menu, but this was an excellent rendition.
And then a Perfect Peking Duck. Not a bit of fat under the crispy skin.
Our last course. Birthday noodles for long life. These are extra long noodles, but not as long as Martin Yan's, which is birthday noodle, singular, and fills a whole bowl. Very tasty, though, and also vegetarian.
This is nowhere near the complete menu. Whether you prefer classic or exotic dishes, you will find what you're hoping for, and love it!

I arrived at the last minute, so I was seated at the last table, which had a few empty places, so there were even more leftovers to take home than at the other tables. We all filled our "pails" and also shared our largesse with the other tables. This neighborhood restaurant is as good as any in Chinatown and I heartily recommend it.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood resto? Let us know in the comments!