Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fundraiser Tea for Help A Mother Out / Posted by Mel and J.K.

Help A Mother Out's annual fundraiser is a catered afternoon tea. This year's event was held at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Mel and J.K. registered separately for this event, but a psychic organizer managed to seat us at the same table.

Help A Mother Out supplies diapers and wipes to homeless and other poverty-stricken mothers, as they are not supplied by WIC or other programs to help the desperate poor in this country.

Display of the Packs Given to Moms
The event started with a champagne-and-orange juice reception, and we carried our glasses into the tea. Tea Time Adventures has a radar for finding Tipsy Tea events, and was doubly happy to be contributing to this charity while holding a mimosa in one hand and a tea cup in the other.

Close-up of the centerpiece.
The food was served buffet-style. We were sent up three tables at a time, and there were four buffet lines, so everyone was served quickly. The sandwiches were small, so tasting everything was easy. The small plates made it simple to serve yourself in the traditional afternoon tea courses. Scones, sandwiches and then sweets. Of course depending on our hunger level, Tea Time sometimes starts with sandwiches. There was a good variety of sandwich flavors.

Tea Sandwiches

 The fresh fruit was glorious, especially the berries.

There were scones with and without raisins, with butter and individual jams.
 Sponge cake and macaroons for dessert.

And, of course, tea

Learning more about the program.

There are lots of opportunities to help support a charity close to your heart in SF (and beyond). An afternoon tea event can be a simple and delicious way to host a party, and if you make it a Tipsy event, it can help loosen wallets. If you are a member of  a charity that hosts an afternoon tea fundraiser, please let us know!