Friday, October 25, 2013

Lunch with Beth–San Francisco Fish Company

The San Francisco Fish Company, in the Ferry Building Marketplace, has an extensive selection of seafood, both prepared and raw. The sandwich selection is equally extensive, and made to order. But somehow, we always opt for the soft-shell crab, which is available year-round. That means they're using frozen  crab, but that's actually an advantage. Crabs start growing their new shells immediately after shedding the old ones, so in-season "soft" crab can sometimes be a little tough. If they're frozen immediately after shedding, they retain their "velvet" texture.

There's plenty of seating in back of the building, with scenic views. It was very sunny at lunchtime, so we went upstairs to get some shade. This character immediately joined us on our bench and serenaded us, in hope of a handout. He appears to be a Hermit Thrush, but obviously he's a little unclear on the concept of being a hermit!
Feathered freeloader singing for his supper.
The sandwich is served on a soft, but not squishy, roll, with lettuce, remoulade sauce and a separate garnish of coleslaw. A few salads are also available as sides. 
We didn't encourage our visitor, but he was very bold, landing on us and snatching crumbs from my sandwich. He seems to have learned a lot from the seagulls. Fortunately, he isn't big enough to fly off with the whole sandwich.
Aggressive beggar about to steal a crumb
How do you feel about feathered beggars? Are you more likely to feed the cute ones?