Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beth Reports In On Ike's Place

There's a restored version of the Heathen (Lord Summerisle's term, not Pagan) horror flick "The Wicker Man" touring about, and Beth wanted to see it during its stop at the Castro Theater.  She took the Underground to Castro Station after work Friday, a beautiful evening with no fog feathering its way down over Twin Peaks. What to do for supper? Well, there was trying one of the pizzas or some such at Starbelly, but something more likely to be reliably faster might be in order.

One would think that would leave out Ike's Place, since that sandwich place quickly got so popular that the neighbors wanted it shut down over the crowds that would gather. Well, Ike's had the good luck of dodging that bullet, and Beth had the good luck of arriving during a slow time and being able to sit on the bench in the window to eat.
Her choice? The Big Momma, which is halal chicken and provolone with Buffalo sauce and ranch dressing.  She had it on "Ike's famous Dutch crunch." Kettle chips from Louisiana come with the sandwich (she chose mesquite barbecue), and with a bottle of Ike's own pecan pie soda (made with real cane sugar), she had supper for about $12.75. With a caramel apple lollipop thrown in for dessert.

Ambrosial? Well, maybe not quite that. Solidly good and generous tasty sandwich? Yes, absolutely. The sodas, though ... aside from the usual Stewart's selections, Ike's peaches and cream, Ike's Shirley Temple ... hard to resist. The meat looks all halal, which means no tasty pig products. Cute bathroom, with names and names of food spelled out in psychedelic script.
Maybe it's the weekend lunch traffic that was driving people crazy. Beth was glad to be able to check out this cult sandwich joint, and to step out of the theater at quarter of nine to warm weather.