Thursday, March 28, 2013

Giant Apple- Quit taunting me!

This giant apple. Wow. This giant apple is dipped in caramel and covered in chocolate and rolled in nuts. The 2.5 lb apple itself is a Fuji-- crisp and fresh tasting, complimented by the buttery caramel and milky chocolate, with the nuts adding a secondary meaty crunch so different than the apple itself.

The Big aka "Giant" Apple.

I met this amazing dessert made by Rachel Dunn Chocolates last fall at the Chocolate Salon. My friend Stephanie and I were so smitten by the samples we had to buy one for our extended friamily's (friends and family) Thanksgiving meal. The salon was about 10 days before Turkey day, so that apple sat and taunted me in the fridge. It was a good thing apples are self-contained. I knew I couldn't sneak a piece or the whole dessert would be compromised. Then the day came to gorge! There was lots of food, including desserts, but the people who were in the kitchen with me when I cut into that apple kept snapping photos and shouting to those still in the living room, "come see this Giant apple! Quick, we're eating it all!". I will admit that my carving prowess does not compare to the professionals at the Chocolate salon. However when I mentioned that to the giant apple mavens at the spring salon they pointed out that it still tasted great, and I had to agree with them.

Professional samples.
 I got it cut in half okay, but the rest was a bit, messy. Operator error, but delish!
I'm drooling on the screen right now, remembering.
 At the fall salon they were also selling chocolate bowls. They were not in evidence at the spring salon, but surely are still available to buy in stores or order online. Instead they brought Ebirds Perfect Peppermint Chocolate Cookies which were minty, crispy/crunchy and covered in chocolate! 

Peppermint cookies.

Make dessert extra interesting with a delectable serving dish!

Although the company calls their dessert "The Big Apple", I think I have to let the cat out of the bag with this post... People it is Giant!  And the taste is Delicious. Go. Buy it. Share it. Thank me. (and let your friends and family thank me too)

Setting up for the fall luxury salon.

Dessert bowls that you'll never have to wash!

Big Giant Apple, I think I loooooove youuuuuu.