Sunday, March 3, 2013

Death by Caramel Brownies

JK spotted this recipe a while back and it went in the "to do" file. Then we finally found an occasion to make them! Death by Caramel bars are mostly sugar. A lot of sugar! Stay away if you're worried about sugar, but if you have an event and want to impress your friends/co-workers/strangers bake these and take them. Tea Time took them along to lunch with the Bay Area Food Bloggers Meetup group, and they were a great success. We made a few minor substitutions/additions, so be assured you can use (or alter) the original recipe as well.

Start by lining your pan with aluminum foil. Grease the foil.
Chop your candy bars and gather your ingredients.
Measure your other ingredients so everything is at hand, then melt the butter and beat the eggs*
Mix the wet ingredients separately, then combine and stir until incorporated.
Add your chopped candy bars and chocolate chips <==Tea Time Addition
Spread the batter in the prepared pan

Pour the caramel (or Dulce de Leche) on top of the batter...
Swirl it through the batter.
Wanna know what we did differently? Well, Tea Time didn't get the chance to acquire/make the Dulche de Leche the recipe requires, so we grabbed some Chocolate Caramel for one batch of brownies and Sea Salted Caramel for the other. JK and Angela agree that it is imperative to keep the caramel away from the sides of the pan where it can burn. Yuck. So make sure to pool your caramel in the middle, in addition to choosing/making a Thick caramel that won't run to the bottom of your brownies. We also picked up a different candy bar, Milky Way Dark instead of a candy bar with nuts. For the next batch Angela will chop and then Freeze the candy bar before adding it to the mixture, in hopes of keeping more nougat in play as they will cook more slowly from frozen. We also added half a bag of chocolate chips, of course. Tea Time can't get enough Chocolate! This recipe was simple to put together and worth the effort. So grab a glass of milk and get baking. Plan to share these brownies and you'll get rave reviews as well as baked goods as your reward!

Whoa. Danger!! Wait until they're cool and then...

Turn them out,

Remove the foil,



*If you're wondering about the "POM" in this picture, it's actually the container used by JK to hold her homemade Vanilla Extract.