Sunday, February 24, 2013

LittleJohn's making homemade candy for you!

Welcome to town Littlejohns Candies! Tea Time is so happy you're bringing homemade candy, chocolates and confections to Market street in SF. We got distracted by the window displays as we walked inside, since our visit was a few days before that one Holiday in February. J.K. had never been to their store, and Angela had only gawked from her bicycle while riding down Market street. As soon as we stopped loitering in their doorway, soaking up the picturesque caramel hearts and other candy visions, we were offered a sample of their English Toffee. It was quite tasty featuring rich buttery toffee enrobed in chocolate and dusted with nuts.

Tweets for all!
Wide windows for staring!
Please buy this for me. (Angela)
Tea Time stood and goggled at the vast panorama of candies and chocolates laid out on trays in front of us. A couple other customers came in and snagged a toffee sample, perhaps they were frequent customers, as they pointed and named their preferred treats. Once we had wandered all around the store, pointing and poking each other when we saw something the other person likes, we finally got down to the business of picking our own goodie bags.

Their seasonal heart shaped toffee is the same kind as the samples.
Lollis, barks, logs, rolls, they've got it All and more.
Not to mention dipped fruits, nuts, caramels and confections.
Yes, we need to have caramel apples available every day!
The mind boggles at the choices.

 J.K. chose chocolate covered orange peel and even tried a slice of chocolate covered orange, as well as a chocolate covered mint stick, while Angela focused on the caramels. Number one on the list was Bacon Caramel (she got two, but only one piece made it into the picture). Then came salted caramels, chocolate covered caramels and a turtle. The caramels were all good. Chewy, firm but moldable, they melt in your mouth. We purchased pieces from the trays with pricing by the pound.

J.K.'s loot. Very orange-centric.
Angela's dreamy caramels. L to R sea salt, plain, bacon, choco sea salt, turtle, plain choco

Tea Time also took a minute to peruse their candy making facilities. While not much was going on during our visit, we did see all the contraptions and tools that help create the tasty wares they sell here at Littlejohns. They pride themselves on their open kitchen which allows customers to see the magic happen.
A clean work space=good candy!
J.K. needs to invest in one of these fancy caramel/candy cutters!
Apparently, down in LA, you can visit a Farmer's Market and enjoy loads and loads of Littlejohns English Toffee. Tea Time is happy to just journey downtown and do the same. Check out their store/factory on Market street if you need to impress someone with a gift, or just want to treat yourself. Maybe you'll even get to watch them make some candies while you're shopping for treats. Make sure to ask them for their caramel recipe while you're there and then email Angela!