Monday, February 18, 2013

Afternoon Tea in Vegas @ english's Gastro Pub

We found Afternoon Tea in Vegas! Tea Time visited english's Gastro Pub (apparently it is also known as english's Quintessentially British ) which is located in the English's Town Square. Our group managed to arrive for our reservation on time, even though we wandered around a bit trying to find the pub (hint: it's upstairs on the second floor across a walkway). We were greeted at the main desk by a small knight holding brochures. He wasn't very talkative, but we figured out to head down the hallway towards the modern pub area of the restaurant.

A mini suit of armor awaits its knight errant.
This must be the spot.
The hostess sat us down with menus and we talked about teas. We ordered their cream tea which includes finger sandwiches, scones and dessert. There was some discussion about what was mixed in the "mint tea fusion." Our table ordered 4 pots of hot tea including the mystery mint tea fusion, dragonwell, wild blackberry and green tea tropical. We also had our choice of packaged sugars and sugar substitutes along side the milk which we could add to make our "nursery tea" if we so chose. We talked and laughed, trying to look up how to read tea leaves on our smart phones.

A simple table setting with a warm cuppa.
Our tea service arrived, featuring three classic sandwiches with crusts off (of course!). They included salmon/cream cheese, cucumber/cream cheese and egg salad. We shared around to get the ones we liked best. Their scones for the day were cream scones (aka 'plain') as well as cranberry scones. These baked treats are served with berry jam and whipped cream as spreads. english's also presented us three flavors of housemade desserts. Each had a graham cookie crust but the flavors on top varied from "peanut butter and jelly" (peanut butter flavored mousse with berry topping) to coffee and chocolate.  During our meal we swapped teas, and each person seemed to have their own favorite. The wild blackberry had the most followers though, 2 out of 5 people.

The Tea Tray!

Two types of scones (though there was a majority of one kind)

Berry Jam and whipped cream for scones.

Our group had fun chatting up the personable staff of english's and this modern pub is the spot to hit if you want to enjoy an anglophile happy hour (or any hour...they love to give away a free pint!) away from the hustle and bustle of the strip. There is also a lot of shopping in the same area as well as a movie theatre! We tried to get the english's team on our tea leaf reading band wagon, and perhaps they'll consider your fun tea themed suggestions as well. We didn't really figure out what the future held, but the present was more than enjoyable with good company and conversation centered around food, tea and fun.

What do you see in the future?

Later during our Las Vegas trip we ventured down to the old part of the strip and enjoyed a different sort of classic era. NEON. I wonder what the Victorians would say about afternoon tea happening at a modern pub in the Wild West of the neon dessert that's Vegas? Have you gone on vacation and found afternoon tea in an unlikely (but most welcome) location?