Saturday, November 10, 2012

The October 2012 Swap in Pictures

Has it been two months? Already? Well, it is time for a Food Swap, so time disappeared away somewhere! This was our second swap at the Bryant Street Sports Basement. They have a great community outreach program which includes Lots of sports classes (FOR FREE) and hosting space for nonprofit events. Check them out. 

If you saw Angela's post about her pumpkins, or J.K.'s marshmallow post, those were the sneak preview. This post features what happened that evening.  The swap takes place after work hours, so it always includes a potluck. We eat, meet, greet and also taste the evenings swap offerings in addition to the potluck. Scoping out what we would like to take home. Tea Time didn't get pictures of everything on offer, as there were Five tables of swap items at this event. You can check out more pictures on the Swap Facebook page if you are interested.

Sports Basement provides drinks, but swappers bring special additions like Watermelon Juice. YaY!

Make sure to take several small plates because new dishes show up frequently.
Now, on to the swap item pictures! Angela got inspired by the holiday spirit...maybe we really need to invent/host some sort of craft swap party for the holidays. Food Swapping is so fun, it would be great to be able to swap personally made crafting items too. Craft Swap Network anyone?

Angela's pumpkins cosying up to JK's marshmallows.
Another shot of our pumpkins and marshmallows
Toffee, dried persimmons, and jams 
Pizza samples. The swap item is crust dough and tomato sauce.
Salted white chocolate brownies with caramel
Fresh Herbs and Meyer Lemons, honeycomb, brownies, pizza
A student from Academy of Art University memorialized the event
Toffee, dried persimmons, jams
Za'atar and homemade sprinkles, granola in the baggies.
Two views of: Brandied cherries, jams, pickled green beans, carrot bread with almonds.
Orange bitters, arugula pesto, red pepper dip, a macrobiotic dessert.

If you're interested and want to participate in a swap, check out the Food Swap Network. They are gathering together information about swaps all over the country. In fact, this holiday season, you may already be participating in swapping! Parties like Cookie Swaps are very popular during this time of year. The idea is simple, you make 3-4 dozen cookies and swap your 4 bags for four other kinds (of course you bring some for eating as well). Do you participate in swapping homemade food with friends and/or family?

The next official Food Swap we will be attending is in December. Ideas are percolating about what to make/bake/bring to trade! If you want to suggest something just make a comment and we'll take it into consideration.