Monday, November 26, 2012

Mayes-- The Happiest of Hours

Happy Hour for Tea Time may not always mean a cuppa plus a scone this fall. Bring on the oysters, wine and fire at Mayes Oyster House on Polk street. We spent several very happy hours here, tasting their dollar oyster offerings. They have special prices from 5-7 every day (Sunday 5-9!). Yes, even weekends! Their drinks are worth it too, with house wine and champagne only $5 for a goblet. They offer discounted food as well as the $1 oyster platters.

Tea Time gets cozy by the fire!
Their oysters are good quality, and Mayes offered 3 types on their platter during this visit. Tea Time didn't catch the name of each, but they lived up to their descriptions. One set of 4 was sweet and delicate on the palate. Another was more briney with a hint of sea air drifting up from them. The middle ground was held up as well, by the third kind. All were a treat. A great splurge! These oysters came with your choice of three sauces to splash on your bivalve if you wanted to enhance it. If you're more of a purist there are also lemon wedges.

One dozen
Two dozen

Three! 36 oysters made up this Happy Hour feast.
We spent the time chatting, plotting and story telling with friends. It was worth every penny. Do you like raw seafood? Are you lucky enough to live somewhere that seafood is accessible and edible? Tea Time hopes to hit up a few more dollar oyster joints in this jukebox town, so stay tuned!