Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch ready for the Swap!

I got inspired to make these sweets as my offering for the Food Swap during our trip to LA! While there, we visited Dylan's Candy Bar West and they had some Chocolate Covered Candy Corn. Last year I made my first foray into homemade Candy Corn and it turned out pretty good. This time around I knew how to work out the kinks, so it was much simpler and I got it done quickly which was nice.

I made Pumpkins instead of Candy Corn, both for cuteness and ease of covering in chocolate. JK was kind enough to let me mess around with her tempering machine since I have not mastered tempering by hand (hence the rustic truffles, not shiny ones, that I made for the swap in August).

Here is the recipe I used (Gasp, recipe! I know, but I only made it once before and since I'm swapping I wanted to avoid mistakes. Candy making can be a more exacting science, esp. if thermometers are involved) which may or may not be the same I used last year. Anyhow, thanks to Serious Eats for always being there when I need a recipe (or sandwich).

Here's how my gorgeous sweet pumpkin patch came into being, using simple ingredients and a little time.

Dry ingredients, powdered milk+powdered sugar mixed.

Sweet Stuff, light corn syrup+butter+cane sugar
Letting it bubble, but make sure to stir!

Add your flavor, in this case Vanilla. Last year I made Cinnamon and Peppermint as well.
I add the food coloring while it's still hot in the pan. It's much easier to fold into the candy then!

I dump the still warm candy lump onto the parchment paper. Less mess in the pan later.
I also made some orange balls without their green stem so they could be dipped in chocolate. Then the stem is added on top. I promise they're not "rotten". Just an "heirloom varietal".

Dipping the orange pumpkin balls.
 Yummy finished product to be presented at the Swap Tuesday night. Don't spend $9/lb on your candy corn, get your sugar rush on and share the wealth this Halloween! You've got time to get it done.

Also in this picture--one homemade chocolate covered marshmallow. See JK for more details...