Friday, October 12, 2012

Greek to Go

Tea Time Update- This resto has been replaced by Bartlett Hall a very upscale Sports bar/gastropub.  We ventured in to check out their Happy Hour on a Tuesday night and found $5 wines and $5 beer along with a few $5 small bites. It's a pretty good deal if you're downtown and looking for a place to relax before 6pm.

Santorini is a Mediterranean food resto on O'Farrell street across from the Starbucks. (No, the Other Starbucks.) I had eaten here once before, but it's a bit pricey for a simple lunch meal. (Also I try to take my lunch to work.)  While I remembered that the food was okay, I hadn't been back to this restaurant for quite a while. Then Living Social tempted me with a To Go deal I couldn't resist. That's how I ended up ordering online for a lunch pick-up the other day.

It was still as pricey as I remembered, but I had forgotten that the portions made it a two-meal deal. (In this case, lunch before work and dinner on my 'lunch' break.) I stopped in to pick up my meal and the place was pretty quiet. The waitress grabbed my food and then went to cut my fresh house made pita bread. They make it on large sheet pans and she used a pizza cutter type tool to make some slices. When I got back to the break room, I uncovered a very nice gyro platter which had a lot of meat, lettuce, onion and tomatoes to allow me to construct many of my own little "gyros".

House made fresh soft pita bread and yogurt dip made my mini-gyros complete. I like my tzatziki sauce a little more zippy with the tang of plain yogurt vs. smooth cucumber, but this milder version was tasty as well.

Gyro Gyro Gyro. The Living Social to-go coupon helped make this meal a deal, but it would still have been worth it without the coupon considering how expensive Union Square  food can be. Next time I won't just think of the prices, but the fresh food and generous portion. Do you remember when Wendy's tried to sell Gyros? Do they still have those?? Am I making that up?