Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 17-the road to Hana

This vacation has featured a lot of driving. You'd think that being on an island would limit your carbon footprint, but since it's our holiday we're trying to catch a bit of everything to see (and snorkel). So today we drive the Road to Hana. If you're interested you can pick up a cd to listen to as you drive along, one that tells about hotspots and local info. We chose instead to follow along with our old guidebook, new map and eyes, stopping wherever our fancy took us.

Our conclusion was that the Road to Hana is pretty touristy. We got to dip into a few waterfalls, which was fun, but it was a lot of driving to get to Hana. The best part was the drive on the back road around the tip of the island through the lava fields standing in the jeep and feeling the breeze in our hair. There is always someplace beautiful to see on these islands, and Maui doesn't disappoint. If you don't have a lot of time to drive, skip the Road to Hana and go get another shaved ice while you watch the sunset.