Friday, February 19, 2016

Chinese Banquet with the 2016 San Francisco Writers Conference

Once again, SFWC Board Member Harvey Pawl treated the speakers and volunteers to a banquet dinner at Great Eastern on Jackson Street in San Francisco's Chinatown. Great Eastern is one of Tea Time's lunch favorites, but whichever meal you choose there will be outstanding.

We began with a barbecue pork appetizer, which was quickly followed by egg drop soup.
No. 80.
Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork
No. 43. Mixed Vegetables and Bean Curd
with Egg Drop Soup.
There was a large bowl of fluffy rice to accompany our meal.
 A plate of fried sweet potato
 preceded the Peking Duck.
No. 109. Peking Duck with steamed bun
Spring onions and sweet bean sauce to
go with the Peking Duck  
 There  was beef with pea pods and mushrooms.
Sauteed filets of beef, snap peas, mixed mushrooms with barbecue sauce
Followed by Honey Walnuts with Shrimp.
Honey glazed walnut and sautéed prawns with mayonnaise
And just in time for the non-carnivores in our group, vegetarian chow fun. 
No. 203 is chow mein with mixed vegetables, but
it's easy enough to switch the noodles.
 There were spare ribs.
No. 118. Peking Spareribs.
 And sesame chicken.
No. 115. Sesame Chicken.
 The final dish was fish with asparagus.
Sauteed filet of flounder with lily bulbs & asparagus.
 Accompanied by pea sprouts with whole sautéed garlic cloves.
Sautéed snow pea sprouts with garlic sauce.
 And, of course, fortune cookies and orange slices.
This was, as usual, an amazing meal. The conference itself is a great opportunity for aspiring writers, but the banquet alone is worth the effort of volunteering.