Monday, August 24, 2015


Eataly was another highlight of the New York trip. We had been looking for soft shell crab, and the seafood restaurant there had them, so we stayed for lunch.

As soon as we sat down, our waiter brought us some bread.

The crab was an appetizer, so we each got one and ordered a salad to share.

Dessert  was milk chocolate Baci, courtesy of Perugina, who were sampling their new treat. I'm not going to tell you how many I ate.
The book department has some interesting titles.
And there was some interesting produce as well.
While we were waiting for our table, we took a walk around the block and discovered the Lego store.
My childhood friend being menaced by the Lego dragon

The two of us with Lady Liberty's torch, executed in Lego

There are always so many things to do when you visit NYC. It's best to just pick a few must-see/must-eats and then if you can squeeze in anything else it's a bonus. One lovely walk after eating around town is to visit the High Line Park. Let us know your favorite spots in the Big Apple, especially give us some tips on tea shops to visit.