Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beth's Excellent Adventure—Part 9: Angel Lane Chippie, Penrith

Heya, Adventurers!  This is J.K.’s friend Beth, reporting from England, where I had many culinary adventures and remembered to take pictures of some of them.

After my Teatime Adventure at Brougham Castle, I continued my circle with a stroll to the Mayburgh Henge, south of Penrith near Eamont Bridge.  It’s an earthen henge with a standing stone in the middle (apparently one of an original four), set in a cow pasture.  Wow, did it feel like being in church in there.  Stonehenge may be the glam spot, but this was a power spot.

After walking back into town and stowing my backpack in my room, I went to the town centre and found the Angel Lane Chippie.  Apparently it’s won awards consistently, and I can see why.

Basically, I discovered just how badly we Americans suck at fish and chips.  J.K. and I used to hit the Irish Bank regularly when I worked close enough to pop 'round for lunch, and their fish and chips always got high marks.  Here at the Angel Lane Chippie, though, I got an eight ounce piece of cod and chips that were simply delightful.  It was a Sunday evening, and there was no oil fatigue.  Everything tasted light and fresh, with perhaps a little bit of malty flavor to the breading.

Look at the picture:  the container was as deep as a Big Mac container but a bit over twice as wide.  This and a ten ounce Coke (because caffeine) for £6.35, maybe $10 US.  Of course, this isn’t in a big city, but if fish and chips is going to be one of your country’s signature dishes, you want it to be this good.