Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gioia Pizza

Dorothy and I were looking for a pleasant lunch in the neighborhood and decided to try the San Francisco outpost of Gioia Pizzeria on Polk Street, which has been getting rave reviews. The Scoutmob lunch discount didn't hurt, either.

The menu isn't extensive, but it has a wide enough range for varied tastes.

We didn't have to ask for extra plates to share.
We started with the antipasti salad. This is so much tastier than a plate of separate ingredients.

Antipasti Salad
Our pizza wasn't spinning at the table, but the stand elevated it and kept it from crowding us at the small table. It was a little salty, but the cheese was evenly distributed and there was just the right amount of sauce.

14"Cheese Pizza
Our server was friendly and attentive. He was already heading for the plates when I asked for clean ones for our pizza.

We probably wouldn't get the pizza again, but the salad was excellent, as was the service. Have you tried Gioia? What did you think of this restaurant?