Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hobbit Food at Denny's

Denny's? Yes.

Only because we're Tolkien nerds.

We swear. On something important. Fish fingers and custard. We're also Whovians.

Bilbo's Berry Smoothie

Shire Skillet

Hobbit Hole Breakfast

The Ring Burger

Dessert: Lonely Mountain Treasure Seed Cake

Tea Time went to see The Hobbit part 1 and then walked over to Denny's to extend our immersion in the Tolkien world. It took a minute to get our "special" menu, but after we looked in vain for artisinal  'moldy' cheese and crisply pan fried fish (that fish looked really good on the 3D screen!), or anything that might have come from Bilbo's pantry, our group made their choices (see pictures above). Tea Time wasn't quite adventurous enough to try to eat the entire menu in 20 minutes.

Usually movies partner with fast food restaurants such as Burger King or Taco Bell. We did get a small pack of Hobbit trading cards at the end of our meal, but Angela wanted a Gandalf wizard doll please. Have you been inspired by loyalty to a movie franchise? What is the most adventurous thing you've done? Waited in line all night for tickets? Went to a premiere?

Tea Time is waiting to see what will turn up after part two and part three of the Hobbit trilogy... any speculations?