Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lunch at Chez Maman West

Tea Time Adventures is lunching at an old favorite today. Chez Maman has two restaurants in the City, and Angela first ventured into the Potrero branch with a visiting friend years ago. They found a warm neighborhood spot which was tiny, bustling and featuring a delicious menu. Since the Hayes Valley branch is on our side of town, Tea Time decided to check out and make a comparison.

We arrived in time for a late lunch (fortunately they aren't a restaurant that closes between lunch and dinner) so there was no wait for a table. The sun was warm and there wasn't a wind so we opted to dine alfresco*. After a quick gander at the menu we decided to share an appetizer and panini with a side of mac n cheese.

Roasted Garlic with delicious baked camembert cheese, toast points and a taste of greens. Perfection!

Mac n Cheese at the next level- just add truffles

The smoked salmon panini with side salad.

Later when we walked back over to J.K.'s hood, we stopped in and got delicious dangerous housemade gelato for a delightful dessert. She had been talking about Lush Gelato since the construction signage went up because Angela loves gelato. The running joke is that if you need Angela to go somewhere simply leave a trail of gelato bowls and she'll crawl right into your kidnapper van asking for more. (Please be prepared to continue to give her gelato once she's inside the van as well, or there will be trouble. Fair warning.)

Tea Time really enjoyed their flavors-- Chocolate and banana for J.K. and Salted Caramel for Angela. Lush has some exotic combos too, so get your tastebuds ready, any sunny day weather could be perfect for an afternoon of eating and walking.

*J.K. has a blowing napkins fear

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Back To The Future Day at the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive had its annual party on October 21, and presented its first ever Internet Heroes award to the Grateful Dead.  The Archive hosts over 10,000 versions of the Dead's 2,000-plus concerts, all faithfully recorded by Deadheads in the audiences. This trove was acquired by promising unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth forever.

The Archive is an amazing online library that you really need to experience for yourself. It would take way too long for me to describe it in its entirety. The Wayback Machine* is the place to go if you need to consult documents that have been removed from the Web. 

The event started with food, drink and exhibits that showcased the Archive's work. The event was catered by Tacos San Buena, who brought two trucks with fast-moving staff to keep the food flowing.
Beer, Wine and Fancy Soft Drinks
 There were tables with chips, guacamole and salsa.
 The trucks served tacos with a choice of mild or hot salsa.
 There were several exhibits to look at, and we received a star to prove we had been at each one. At the end of the event, we turned in our lanyards and received a glass water bottle with the Archive logo on it. The water bottle isn't available for purchase (at least not yet) but there is a lot of cool merchandise in the Archive's store.
There was Pacman in the game area.

 People who work for the Archive for three years are immortalized in sculpture.

There was a Dead cover band.
 Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow was there to accept the award.
See the whole program:

After the program, there were Its-Its in all flavors for dessert! If you're interested in the Internet Archive, you can visit them! They also host several events that are open to the public each year. Simply check on their website for more details. 

*We've seen the wayback machine cited for allowing journalists to find original information, such as minutes for city meetings, calendars of events and project timelines. The internet archive is doing everyone a great service by keeping this info available and active. No more 404 errors!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Turkey and Waffles Leftovers Brunch

Friday Brunch?! Let us give thanks.

While scrolling around on the internet, I came across a recipe for mashed potato waffles, just the perfect starter for a coldish morning in San Francisco.

The potatoes I used were already pretty doctored up with cream, butter, salt and herbs (in a word, delicious!). Several waffle recipes start from scratch, so I thought I'd let everyone know how I made the recipe even more simple.

Turn on waffle iron
(don't worry you can ask Santa for a waffle maker this Holiday season if you still haven't bought one for yourself.)

3c Mashed potatoes (leftover--whatever style you prefer!)
1/2c liquid (dairy, veg stock, water even!)
1/2c biscuit mix (no need to add any baking soda or powder, it's in the mix!)
1/2c cheese (your favorite, or actually, whatever is in the fridge and grated)
1 egg  

Add all ingredients into a bowl and stir. Taste and add more salt/pepper if needed. It should be pretty thick. If you feel it's too thin, simply add a tablespoon more of biscuit mix until the consistency is correct. Your waffle iron should be hot before you place any batter on it. If you're unsure about your mix, simply make a small test waffle first. Every cook needs to sample what they serve!

These waffles will likely steam and come out a little soft, but if you're into really crispy waffles, just put them in the toaster oven on broil for a minute. This will also keep them warm until you're ready to serve! (The regular oven is great too.)

I rounded out our brunch with a reheated turkey wing and cranberry sauce with Maple Syrup for waffle topping. Pumpkin Pie too? Beverages are the usual suspects of hot tea, coffee and mimosas.

mixed up leftovers

ready to cook
before the broil

Toasted to perfection and Leftover Brunch is READY.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lunch With Beth–Sushi Taka

We tried to have lunch at Sam Wo the day after the grand opening, but unfortunately they had run out of food and had to close the lunch service early. On the way to Sam Wo, we had noticed that Sushi Taka, on the corner of Kearny and Sacramento, had an eel and crab bowl special, so we headed back there. Happily, Sushi Taka had not run out of the limited quantity special, although they were out of the green salad that usually accompanies their bowls, and we both ordered it.
Sushi Taka is takeout-only, so we walked over to a nearby park to eat our lunch. The special also comes with a cup of miso soup. That's a mini-cup of seasoned puffed rice to go with the eel and crab bowl, which also included Spicy Fish Roe, Japanese Omelet, Seaweed Salad, Tempura Flakes, Blended Soy Sauce and Teriyaki Sauce.
This was a tasty lunch and we we will be back to taste their other offerings. Plus, if you like a sushirito, you'll find it here at Sushi Taka.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lunch With Beth–SAM WO!

Sam Wo is back in business! We're so excited. It's been a long 3½ years without our raw fish salad and B.B.Q. Pork Rice Noodle.
We tried last week, but by the time we got there, they had run out of food and had to close lunch service early. So this week we went earlier, and after a short wait we were escorted to table 8, in the back. With the upstairs dining area closed, this was a perfect  place to sit, away from the bustle of the front and behind the foot traffic of the other tables.

Our Table 
We are partial to duck, so we ordered the duck dry mixed noodle.
Unfortunately, they had run out of Chinese broccoli, so we ordered stir-fried string beans.
 And for dessert, the famous B.B.Q. Pork Rice Noodle Roll! Yes, we know it's an appetizer, but they had run out and we had to wait for the kitchen to catch up with the orders.
The new space is light and modern, and the food is as good as we remembered, which is the most important thing. Tea Time is looking forward to extended hours and, we hope, an extended menu. We'll have to go at dinner next time to get the raw fish salad.

Have you checked out the new Sam Wo yet? What do you think?

Monday, October 12, 2015

SF Swappers Event 10/15

Fall's a swappin'! It's been a while since Tea Time has adventured to a Swap together. SF Swappers slipped this event in just before the craziness of the Holidays begins. Everyone was happy to stand, chat and sample the evening away at the Sports Basement. Let's mosey among the offerings, whaddaya say?

J.K.'s gingerbread cookies–Halloween themed of course! Two big cookies for swapping and mini shapes for tasting.

Also on the offer from J.K. Chocolate cake in super cute shapes.

Homemade chocolates hit the spot, Bon Bons and Bars in several different flavors.

A little spice is nice... there always turns out to be a semi-theme among the goodies on offer and this October we're all ready for our food to feel the burn.

Two flavors of hot sauce–fruit gives the bottles on the left their lovely color.

Do you know about Togorashi? This spice can have a little kick. This version is perfect for onigiri (the food, not the game) and the samples of it sprinkled on rice showed that off to a T.

Perfect homemade tortillas are always a most popular item. Especially if you feature them in a homemade taco as your sample/potluck contribution. Delish.

Hostess Aimée offered up a savory treat of crumbly sesame bars. Tea Time suggests that if you were lucky enough to swap for some that you let them crumble onto your ice cream and then drizzle a little caramel on top. Or you could simply stir them into Aimée's other swappable treat–homemade yogurt!

Angela came back to the swap with big ammunition. Four options!
Left to Right, cashew butter, medium spice salsa, drunken cherries, fresh raw almonds
Sample Sample Sample, plenty of crackers to try them all.

Pickled grape tomatoes? Don't mind if we do... Or if you're feeling cheesy, check out the parmesan dip.

Here comes our theme again, featuring Hot Pepper Jelly. (Feeling smelly? try some homemade soap) Samples of hot pepper jelly were on the potluck table, poured over cream cheese with bread on the side.

So many spreads at this swap, good that there's a bit of bread to take home too.

Who could resist homemade crackers and pimento cheese spread? This was a popular and tasty item which turned into the perfect snack instead of dinner for Angela one night.

A last minute swapper showed up with a big bag of these North Bay Heirloom Apples. Scavenged from his Mom's tree just for SF Swappers.

That's quite a hunk of cheesecake! Or if you're in the mood for savory there's Jalapeno Cheddar Bread, tomatillo salsa or even a fruity nectarine salsa.

Somehow we misplaced our photo of Co-hostess Stephanie's Walnut inspired goodness, but rest assured our resident Chef had an inspired recipe to share. Have you ever attended a Food Swap? The Holidays are coming and this is the perfect time of year for a cookie or dessert swap. Everyone brings a few dozen cookies in bags and everyone gets to take home some of each kind. A perfect mix and match.