Friday, March 9, 2018

Kaya Jamaican Restaurant

Teatime was so impressed with Hazel's Restaurant Week menu that we and our friend Thomas decided to go back to try the happy hour menu. Unfortunately, Hazel's was closed for a private event, so we went next door to Kaya Jamaican Restaurant.

We ordered drinks and four appetisers to share. There were no happy hour bargains, but the food was excellent. The tip was added to the check, as a service charge, and there was no problem with multiple cards, so no arithmetic was required of us.
Salt Fish Fritters with Chimichurri
Salt Fish Fritter in close up with condiments
Caramelized Carrots + Beet Salad
Pomegranate Molasses +Ginger
Mary's Organic Jerk Chicken
Plantains, Rice + Peas
Grilled Wild Gulf Shrimp
with Tamarind Sauce
Rum-Filled Coconut
Diplomatico Matuano, Lime, Luxardo Apricot, Coconut Water
Single Serving of Zap Pow (which they also
serve in a punch bowl to share)
Close-Up of the Flaming Marshmallow

Natural Mystic
J.K. tried to order the ChocoBanana (smith + cross, bumbu, crème de cacao, jerk bitters) but they were out of it, so she went with her usual tequila gimlet.
We then relinquished our spots at the bar, and went across the street to Market On Market, where we grazed on pizza and salads.
Pizza from
The Market Pizza Bar
Two Salads from Takeaway Station

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