Friday, June 13, 2014

Fall Luxury Chocolate Salon in pictures (2013)

Tea Time Adventures is happy to volunteer and help you with your foodie event! It's how we got involved with the Chocolate Salon! Now we know all the major players and chat them up whenever we get the chance. If you're interested in volunteering for a foodie event, (Tea Time also helps with the San Francisco Street Food Festival, Oakland Eat Real, the MOWSF Gala and we're looking for more!) just go to the website of the company hosting the event and click the volunteers link. You'll meet a bunch of fun people and get to see behind the scenes of a major event. Plus you (usually) get to attend the event for free (sometimes with restrictions). It's totally worth it!

Art Pollard (Amano Chocolate) and Chuck Siegel (Charles Chocolate)

There was a full roster of presentations.

Art Pollard's talks are always popular.

Angela loves the Teriyaki!

Tea Lovers chocolates

Art perusing Chuck's wares.

Plumeria flour

Their popcorn is always popular!!

Aaron Pollard minding the store while Art gives his talk.

Stephanie of Tea Lovers Gift Baskets
Angela and Adele of Tipsy Tea

Nothing like absinthe to bring out the essence of chocolate.

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